Airplane Figurine

Airplane figurine on stand in silver color.

  • Celebrate the spirit of aviation and the freedom of flight every day with an airplane figurine. Perfect for lovers of travel, vintage travel decor, and aviation.
  • Add to aviation decor. It makes a perfect accent for the living room, office or study. Gives a unique touch to a home and enhances the style of the room.
  • Sits atop a stand so it looks as if it is flying.
  • Can be kept on the shelf in the living room, accent table, on the study or office desks.
  • Lightweight construction makes this decor accessory suitable for placing on glass shelves.
  • People who belong to the aviation industry can use this decor accessory as a souvenir to reflect their passion.
  • Give an aviation-inspired motif to living space with an airplane figurine.
  • Perfect gift for an aviation enthusiast.

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