Bakeware Set

10 Piece bakeware set with silicone grips

  • Bakeware set is designed for easy, everyday use.
  • Prepare an entire day’s worth of meals, from breakfast through dessert.
  • Includes essential pan shapes for great baking and roasting.
  • The baking pan set is perfect for cake making, cookie making, roasting, and baking tasty oven-made treats.
  • Perfect bakeware team for sweet and savory oven-made treats.
  • From crispy fries to a fast batch of corn muffins.
  • Includes a versatile baking sheet and removable perforated crispy pan insert.
  • Heat-safe silicone grips on the top and bottom add a pop of modern-rustic kitchen color.
  • The baking pan set delivers great results, whether used every day or once in a while.
  • Enjoy easy, delicious roasted and baked foods with a bakeware set. Make delish lasagnas, meatloaves, cornbread, cookies, and more.

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