Bathtub Overflow Drain Cover

SlipX Solutions Bathtub overflow drain cover.

  • Bathtub overflow drain cover seals securely around your overflow drain to safely increase the water depth in a bathtub.
  • Cover blocks your existing overflow drain in the bathtub and has a hole at the top to release water a few inches higher. Adds precious inches of water depth without sacrificing safety.
  • Suction cups create a tight seal. When you’re filling the tub, simply run warm water over the suction cups and press each suction cup firmly against the tub.
  • Fits commonly found in bathtub overflow drains, like toggle and trip lever, flat, or snap drain types.
  • Be sure to place the hole facing up to enjoy the full benefits of your bathtub overflow cover.
  • Treat yourself to extra inches of warm, luxurious bath water by using a bathtub overflow drain cover. Enjoy a better bath experience.

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