Beaded Chandelier

Beaded chandelier in weathered white color.

  • The beaded chandelier is a versatile lighting fixture. Provides natural compliment into any space and give a room an airy yet refined look.
  • A series of wooden beads harmonize together to create a lovely draping upper canopy and lower airy shade for bulbs.
  • The beaded chandelier can be incorporated in almost any interior style. Great in farmhouse style homes, rustic, Scandi, or even bohemian style.
  • Wood beaded chandelier looks just as good in a bedroom or nursery as they do dangling in the living room or above the dining table. Works best in neutral rooms.
  • Looks just as good when it is off as is when it is on. This makes it an ideal showcase for summer lighting.
  • A beaded chandelier makes a chic and elegant style statement.

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