Bed Risers

Adjustable bed risers in black color.

  • Bed risers allow raising bed, dresser, table, sofa, or chair at home and office to find the best height.
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic.
  • Use risers to effectively utilize under-the-bed storage and safely hoist beds or furniture.
  • Furniture risers permit the tallness of each household item to be balanced for enhanced use it.
  • Suitable for individuals who experience issues ascending from seats or beds.
  • Great for little rooms, dorms, offices, apartments, and condos with constrained storage space. Make furniture look trendy.
  • Ideal for elevating worktables to reduce backaches and pains.
  • The bed leg fits securely into the recess cup and can be conveniently utilized on any bed.
  • Furniture risers can be altered with three height options: up to 3 inches, 5 inches, and 8 inches (when combined).
  • Can be stacked together when not in use to conserve space.
  • Adjustable bed risers provide a simple but essential tool for adaptive living.

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