Buddha Head Statue

Ceramic Buddha Head Statue in Gray Color.

  • Traditionally, Buddha is a symbol of great inner peace and calm.
  • Buddha heads are the icon of confidence, awareness, knowledge, compassion, and concentrated meditative practices.
  • Ushnisha – three-dimensional oval shaped on the top of Buddha that symbolizes the attainment of reliance in the spiritual realm.
  • Large earlobes signify his ability to hear the sound of the world, its sufferings, joys, and the like.
  • Each and every faculty of the Buddha’s head symbolizes a hidden meaning, philosophy, history, occult.
  • It will give an instant calming effect along with being a great decorative piece for interiors.
  • Add this ceramic Buddha head statue to end tables and abstract canvas prints for a cohesive look.
  • Perfect for adding a brightly-hued accent to any display in the home, it’s perfectly proportioned to join a shelf, console, or table.
  • Depictions of the Buddha are common all across Asia and around the world.
  • Buddha head statue is a timeless statement piece with the appeal of ancient art. Great for space that needs the extra touch.
  • A great addition for enhancing the ambiance but simultaneously maintaining the balance and harmony of any room of home or business.
  • The epitome of perfection for both aesthetic and functional purposes.
  • Place Buddha head statue in-home or work-space and let its positive energy do the rest. A great decorative piece for interiors.

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