Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frame

  • Digital picture frame brings people together and helps reduce the feeling of loneliness and distance by receiving and displaying current photos and videos from those you know and love.
  • We take photos every day, many are shared on social networks or forever doomed to stay on a digital camera. Not everyone is comfortable with social media and not all seniors have smartphones.
  • Instantly receive photos from those you love from anywhere in the world using a unique email address or iOS and Android app. No computer is necessary.
  • Send pictures from your frame to an individual or several email addresses directly from the frame.
  • A motion sensor automatically turns on/off the screen when you enter and exit the room.
  • Digital picture frame brings grounded elegance to any home decor. Boasts a sleek, minimalist design focused on clean lines and geometric shapes.
  • Great gift for new parents, grandparents, newlyweds, college kids, or families separated by distance.

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