Drawer and Shelf Liner

Drawer and shelf liner in gray color.

  • Drawer and shelf liner helps to keep drawers and shelves organized. Provides both cabinet and drawer protection.
  • Prevents any items from scratching the inner surface of cabinets.
  • Grip reduces shifting so your fragile items won’t get damaged.
  • Liner helps keep your utensils, dishware, and silverware in place in your drawers and shelves.
  • Perfect for use in office drawers or filing cabinets. Will help keep office supplies tidy and prevents pen marks and scratches from forming inside the inner drawers.
  • Use in kitchen, pantry, work station, office room, laundry room, bathroom vanity shelves, and more.
  • The liner contains open weave construction. Allows the shelf liner to breathe and the grip top and bottom provide cushioning for items.
  • Very easy to trim. Simply place in a drawer and cut away any excess material.
  • Check the surface manufacturer’s directions before using it to be sure it will not harm the surface.
  • Drawer and shelf liner keeps items in place while adding style and protection to your surfaces.

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