Gooseneck Phone Holder

Multipurpose gooseneck phone holder in black color.

  • A gooseneck phone holder is an adjustable clamp base with a flexible arm and phone holder.
  • Adjustable clamp base allows you to securely clamp it on the bed frame, bedside, headboard, nightstand, desk, end table, kitchen counter, etc. Non-slip silicone pads protect your furniture from scratches.
  • The phone holder with rubber pads keeps the phone in a concave position without fear of falling or sliding. This phone holder fits almost all phone models, even with a case on.
  • The gooseneck arm allows bending in any direction to accommodate Your view.
  • Use to watch movies hands-free while lying in bed or sofa at home. Use facetime with families when clipped on the desk. Read recipes in the kitchen. Take selfies. Can be an overhead phone holder for video recording.
  • Can also add in the charging cable so your phone can charge as you watch content on it as well.
  • Gooseneck phone holder will provide the best comfort.

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