Hamlet – William Shakespeare

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare remains the world’s most widely studied and performed play and is a cornerstone of world literature.
  • It believed to have been written between 1599 and 1601.
  • A young prince meets with his father’s ghost, who alleges that his own brother, now married to his widow, murdered him. The prince devises a scheme to test the truth of the ghost’s accusation, feigning wild madness while plotting a brutal revenge until his apparent insanity begins to wreak havoc on innocent and guilty alike.
  • Shakespeare’s combination of violence, introspection, dark humor, and rich language in Hamlet is intoxicating.
  • A play of carefully crafted conflict and tragedy, Shakespeare’s intricate dialogue continues to fascinate audiences to this day.
  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare is considered one of the richest and enduring plays.
  • Hamlet is a unique pleasure to read as well as to see and hear performed.

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