Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

Pink Himalayan salt rock lamp with touch dimmer switch.

  • Himalayan salt rock lamp gives off a warm, amber glow, creating a soothing atmosphere.
  • The pink and orange hues are a beautiful natural attribute unique to the mineral concentration of Himalayan salt.
  • Use to de-stress while working on major projects or to relax after a long day. Perfect choice in the center of a coffee table or desk.
  • A soothing glow creates a good sleeping atmosphere. Convenient and useful as a night light.
  • Beautiful an accent for meditation and yoga spaces.
  • Salt lamp’s soft amber glow makes it ideal for any setting. Creates nice home decor and centerpiece.
  • The touches button allows you to tap and hold to easily adjust the brightness. Create the perfect atmosphere and brighten the mood.
  • With the standard USB connection, can be powered by any laptop, computer, or device with a USB port.
  • The perfect gift choice.
  • Brighten up your mood and create a more romantic atmosphere for a room with a Himalayan salt rock lamp.

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