Ice Ball Mold

Glacio flexible silicone ice ball mold in black color.

  • The ice ball mold is a flexible silicone sphere mold. Helps create perfectly frozen spheres.
  • The large ice ball looks cool and melts slowly in glasses.
  • Can use them in your own freezer, no fancy equipment or appliances required. Perfect ice ball maker for your bar and kitchen.
  • A flexible silicone design makes it easy for removing ice. Simply push on the bottom and watch the ice fall right into your cup.
  • Allowing you to chill your favorite cocktails without watering them down too quickly.
  • Use them for your cocktail, popsicles, iced coffee, infused fruit, infused mint for Mojitos, or frozen lemonade.
  • Ideal for Old Fashioned, Scotch, Bourbon, or Blended Whiskey.
  • Great for effective freezing liquids like juice, soup.
  • Perfect for filling ice buckets.
  • Create large frozen spheres with ice ball mold and chill your drink with ice that lasts.

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