Mesh Wastebasket

Round mesh metal wastebasket in black finish.

  • Mesh wastebasket is simple and versatile. Helps keep your office, home, dorm room, etc. tidy and clean. Metal mesh creates subtle transparency.
  • Mesh is breathable and prevents odors from building up and therefore ideal for use as a waste bin.
  • Large, round opening and tapered shape make sure trash goes into the can, not around it.
  • Crafted from metal, features a solid color hue. Mesh design for a sleek look.
  • The sleek versatile look makes it ideal for use in almost any setting. Great work well in modern or industrial spaces.
  • Use as a recycling bin for paper waste or line it with a trash bag for use as a general trash can.
  • Fits in the corner of any room.
  • Furnish every room of your home with a wastebasket, or outfit a new office with a bin at every desk.
  • Separate recyclables from trash with multiple baskets.
  • Meep your home or office clear of clutter with a handy mesh wastebasket. Offers a sleek look and simple, everyday convenience.

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