Minimalist Floor Lamp

Minimalist floor lamp with exposed bulb.

  • In minimalist items, less is more. Clean lines and the cool silhouette are the epitomai of minimalist design.
  • The minimalist floor lamp has an elegant design with the straight body turning into a semi-rectangular frame at the top. Followed by the exposed bulb facing downwards creating a downlight.
  • It looks gorgeously minimalistic and industrial. A perfect fit for any space in your home whether it be in your bedroom next to your bed, in your living room next to the couch, or in a dining room to add ambient light, a subtle statement piece has got you covered. Easy to move.
  • Endless bulb choices. Create your own personal style by adding your favorite oversized or vintage bulb. Preserve the look of early 20th-century lighting and illuminate your space with a vintage Edison bulb. To make your home smarter, select the Smart LED bulb.
  • Minimalist floor lamps add a pop of style without having to update any of the existing decors.
  • Our possessions should be things that we like, use and that bring values into our lives.
  • A minimalist floor lamp is the perfect brightening tool to bring into any room in the home. Have fun and get decorating.

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