Mother and Baby Elephant Figurine

Mother and baby elephant figurine

  • Mother and baby elephant figurines capture the bonding moments between the parent animal and their babies.
  • No words are needed to understand the message.
  • An elephant has been an auspicious symbol since ancient times.
  • Transform the look of home or office.
  • Whether you’re accenting the living room mantel vignette or starting the guest room decor from scratch, mother and baby elephant figurines the perfect finishing touch to a home.
  • Add elephant figurines to the living room to complement a global-inspired arrangement.
  • Pair with zebra-inspired upholstery and a sitting Buddha statuette to round out the look.
  • Its molded details add a dash of dimensions to any space.
  • The understated design blends effortlessly into any casual or formal aesthetic.
  • The mother and baby elephant figurine is a symbol of good luck and it represents the deepest affection between mother and baby mammal.
  • A perfect gift to show Love for Mom or Mom’s love for a child.

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