Plant Labels

Plastic T-type plant labels in white color.

  • Plant labels will ensure can identify everything that grows in the garden.
  • Tagging what you grow can avoid misidentification.
  • It is great for marking what type of seed you plant or recording its growth situation.
  • Use them for seedlings and cuttings, the vegetables you’re growing for the table, herbs, and all varieties of flowers and shrubs in beds, boxes, and pots.
  • Perfect size for plants and will not take too much space in the pot.
  • The matte finish makes the labels easy to write on with a permanent marker on either side.
  • The white color label stands out versus a great combination of green plants.
  • They can be cleaned and re-used, too.
  • Labels lead you to understand the world of plants.
  • Create an attractive garden feature with plant labels.

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