Plug-in Mechanical Timer

BN-LINK FD60-U1 plug-in mechanical timer.

  • A Plug-in mechanical timer is a product for saving money and managing your home better. The timer is to increase the security of your home, and also to make your life that little bit more convenient.
  • Plug-in timer plugs into a power socket on the wall, and then provide a socket of their own. The socket has a timer that turns a switch on and off according to preset times.
  • The advantage of a mechanical timer is that they are very easy and intuitive to set.
  • With a 24-hour cycle, multiple On/Off times can be set during the day or night.
  • A plug-in mechanical timer can be used to automate most small home appliances. Use on fans, lamps, fish tanks, aquariums, heaters, TVs, hydroponics, coffee machines, seasonal decor, and more.
  • Helps deter crime from your home by making it appear that someone is home while you are away. Set your lights to your desired On/Off times.
  • Necessary to consider the timer power consumption and then assess whether it will make any real savings.
  • Worth considering the use of a timer for higher-power devices that might only be on for relatively short periods of the day.
  • Save money and managing your home better with a plug-in mechanical timer.

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