Rail Planter

Rail planter in terra cotta color.

  • Rail planter is the perfect place for flowers, herbs, and other greenery.
  • This planter is great for home or apartment use. Helps you make the most of your porch or patio living space.
  • Cutouts along the bottom allow this design to hug your deck railing so this planter stays put.
  • Use on a patio, mailbox post, balcony, porch, fence, or deck railing. Grow a mini garden in an elevated space.
  • Features a tiered bottom design allowing roots to grow strong and deep.
  • Resist UV and weather.
  • Includes optional punch out holes for drainage. When the pot is in an unsheltered location.
  • Blends easily with any outdoor arrangement. The edges are oval with a rolled rim design.
  • Spruce up the porch or patio with a convenient rail planter.

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