Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

Multipurpose roll-up dish drying rack in gray color.

  • The roll-up dish drying rack is a multifunction kitchen gadget tool perfectly for many kitchen tasks.
  • This roll-up drying rack unrolls above an open sink for air-drying washed dishes, for additional countertop space, or as a trivet.
  • Made of grade silicone wrapped stiff metal steel rods.
  • Collapsible, and rolls up for easy storage.
  • Convenient and ideal for air-drying any washed tableware, cookware, bakeware, stoneware, flatware, kitchenware, and fragile glassware.
  • Can hold a cutting board for cutting, filling liquid containers (coffee cup, baby’s milk, etc.) or powders, pancake or cake mix, etc. makes a mess right into the sink.
  • Can be used as heat resistant trivet mat on the countertop.
  • Can be used to wash vegetable, fruits, and salad colander and whatever you can imagine.
  • The sink drying rack for holding heavy pots, fry pans, china, ceramic, porcelain.
  • Putting frozen items on there to thaw. Hanging washcloths and sponges to dry much faster on it. Holding bread, cake to dry like a cooling rack much quicker.
  • Warm gray color makes you a cozy, natural, and sophisticated feel. Perfectly matches popular trendy kitchen painting color themes.
  • The roll-up drying rack works great and keeps the kitchen sink area looking neat.

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