Sand Dollar Cluster Wall Decor

Sand dollar cluster metal wall decor in black color.

  • A sand dollar is a highly flattened form of urchin of the order Clypeasteroida. Sand dollars first appear in the Paleocene, about 60 million years ago. There are 49 genera of fossil sand dollars and 29 still living.
  • Sand dollar cluster wall decor brings an energetic feeling that is accompanied by its contemporary design.
  • Its open details add a breezy touch to any space while its understated silhouette blends effortlessly into any casual space.
  • Bring a unique piece into your space to brighten your decor with sand dollar cluster wall decor. Can be hung horizontally or vertically.
  • Whether you’re rounding out a gallery wall or building guest room decor from scratch, this eye-catching metal design instantly elevates your favorite aesthetic.
  • Sand dollar cluster wall decor is a beautiful artistic statement for any living space in a home.

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