Stained Glass Window Corner Panel

Stained glass window corner panel with dragonfly design.

  • The stained glass window corner panel is a striking window adornment.
  • The triangular design fits perfectly into a window corner while leaving a clear view through the rest of the window.
  • Stained glass is a time-honored way to lend a space a bright decorative touch.
  • When the sun hits it, transforms space with multicolored light.
  • Multi-color art glass will add warmth and beauty to any setting.
  • A stained glass window panel adds privacy while bending the light so rather than cover up glare and make things dark and stuffy, use stained glass to create a beautiful look.
  • Create a cozy cottage feel in any room of a home with a window corner panel.
  • Abstract art in the form of stained glass is also a wonderful touch for an office building to give it a modern appeal while channeling in more light.
  • The stained glass window corner panel features a timeless look that will compliment your home. Will add color and beauty to any room.

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