Surge Protector with USB Charger

Belkin surge protector with USB charger.

  • Surge protector with USB charger defends devices against harmful voltage fluctuations, surges, and energy spikes.
  • Oversize metal oxide varistors absorb electricity and release it as heat, guarding your devices against electrical damage and improving their overall longevity.
  • In addition to its three AC outlets, this surge protector features two protected USB charging ports. This allows you to easily charge tablets, smartphones, and other devices powered via USB. These ports make it exceptionally easy to keep your devices running without blocking your computer’s USB ports.
  • It also boasts a durable design, featuring damage-resistant housing that protects circuits from fire, impact, and rust.
  • It also features a 360-degree rotating plug with four locking positions. You can use the device in tight spaces without worry about awkward outlet placement.
  • Portable design with rotating plug for versatility. The compact, lightweight surge protector easily slips into your laptop bag or carry-on. An ideal power solution for business trips and vacations.
  • Surge protector with USB charger protects your devices and irreplaceable data from voltage spikes and surges wherever you go.

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