Toilet Tank Storage Tray

Wooden toilet tank storage tray in natural color.

  • Toilet tank storage tray is great for creating a clean and organized bathroom.
  • Easy to display on top of any toilet tank, dresser, vanity, bathroom, table, or countertop surface, and anywhere a little organization is needed.
  • Provides an attractive backdrop for storing jewelry, candles, nail polish bottles, cosmetics, toiletries, lotions, tissues, and other beauty supplies and keepsakes.
  • Wooden construction adds a natural look to any decor style.
  • The container’s open-top design keeps items easy to access.
  • Holding a ledge makes it easy to move from room to room.
  • Design with a raised edge perfect for keeping your objects from slipping off the sides.
  • Add a little minimalist appeal to your space with a toilet tank storage tray.

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