Wash Brush Floss Flush Textual Wall Art

Wash brush floss flush textual wall art

  • Wash, brush, floss, flush textual wall art is sure to complete bathroom decor.
  • All quotes are designed to be inspiring and uplifting to create a positive feeling at home.
  • Make any space in the home innovative and unique.
  • Created and curated to provide the perfect focal point or unifying feature to bring to life any room with style.
  • This cheeky bit of typography lists a few common powder room activities.
  • On-trend designs make personalizing home affordable and easy.
  • Hang this textual art in a family bathroom to remind little ones (and maybe adults) to observe the following rules: wash, brush, floss, and flush.
  • Wash, brush, floss, flush textual wall art is the perfect finishing touch to a home decor theme.
  • Express artistic side and transform interior space into a living work of art.

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