Wine Bottle Stoppers

Silicone wine bottle stoppers, set of 4.

  • Wine bottle stoppers can help to keep an opened wine bottle fresh and extend the life of many different wines.
  • Provides an air-tight seal to preserve opened bottles of wine and other beverages.
  • Made of food-grade silicone and stainless steel that won’t change the flavor of wine or beverage.
  • Insert them easily, and remove them with a single pull.
  • Perfect for sealing wine, champagne, soda, oil, and vinegar bottles.
  • Designed to fit all bottle types.
  • Dishwasher-safe and reuse.
  • Colors, help you to distinguish between your wine at parties.
  • Send along with a bottle of wine for a perfect wine connoisseur gift.
  • Spice up your bar, kitchen, and fridge with a splash of functional color with wine bottle stoppers.

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