Whiskey Stones

Granite round whiskey stones with a wooden tray. Set of 6.

  • Whiskey stones are ideal for chilling spirits without diluting the complex flavors.
  • Simply let small whiskey stones stay in the freezer for 3 or more hours. Place rocks into your glass of whiskey, wine, beer, bourbon, scotch, or non-alcoholic beverages. Add whiskey stones and enjoy cool beverages in no time.
  • Whiskey stones will not bring down the temperature of a drink the way ice but will introduce enough cooling to satisfy most palates.
  • Chilling stones are non-porous, easy to clean, without taste or odor. Crafted from natural reusable stones.
  • Perfect for home kitchen, bar, office, whiskey accessories tools.
  • Ideal gift option for your loved ones.
  • Whiskey stones will make the drinking experience unforgettable.

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